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Costumes required
Athletic  ability ~ is

Mask only.tif
Mask only.tif

It's for FUN!
It's for Charity!


Vernon Square Park

Grab your friends,  name your team,  and  DRESS  IT  UP
Come to historic Vernon Square and

Trike the Party Gras!

10:00- 12  and under Individuals

10:15- Teen tricycle Individuals

10:30- Teams-Relay Start (all ages - 4 to a team)


 12 and under crowd - bring your own tricycle.  

Everyone else - WTX Wide Track Trikes will be provided and will hold up to 250 pounds.  

Bring-and wear - your own helmet.  Elbow, knee pads and bubble wrap are optional.  

  1. Register - either start your team, or join a team once someone else has set it up.

  2. Get everyone you know (and those you don’t) to donate under your name!  

  3. Just want to support your friends who are triking?  Go to the Registration page and click on “Donate”.  You’ll be able to find your friends.  All donations are tax deductible!

  4. On February 17th, come cheer them around the square!  

Photographers will be on hand!

Event is at your own risk.  We want everyone to have fun but cannot take responsibility for unpracticed trikers or distracted spectators or those who are just accident prone.

And yes, again, helmets are a must.    See you there!

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